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Everyday Inspirations

More Stop-Motion Photography, this time with more Gruen

I’ve been loving the return of the ABC’s The Gruen Transfer. A clever show with a great format.

Seems I’m not the only one with a penchant for stop-motion photography – I found this simply gorgeous stop-motion advertisement on the Ghostly Fern’s website. It’s an ad for Natural Gas Belgium. Stunning.

If you’re intrigued like me you can watch the above video to see how the ad was made. I bet you’ll be surprised like I was!


I don’t really believe in fate, but recently something happened to me that made me wonder. About 4 years ago I discovered the beautiful work of artist Catalina Estrada. I became fascinated with her rich colours and patterns. Born and raised in Colombia, and living in Barcelona since 1999, Catalina brings all the colours and power of Latin-American folklore and refines it with a subtle touch of European sophistication.

Catalina creates gorgeous, child-like animals and characters and mixes them with rich layers of colour and texture. As well as creating works for exhibitions she does commercial work for the likes of Coca-Cola, Motorola and Chronicle Books.

In my real life I own an online children’s store and recently I received a beautiful invitation to attend an international tradeshow in Paris and Tokyo called Playtime. The invitation’s envelope was decorated in a familiar looking style – the invitations (see Playtime Tokyo invitation top) have been cleverly designed by Catalina. It was a little bit of sunshine. Sadly I won’t be going to Playtime, but I think I’m off to buy a Catalina Estrada piece instead🙂

Stop Motion Photography

I love this gorgeous video (via Meet Me at Mikes). I am so in love with stop motion photography at the moment, as is my 7 year old son. We have already planned a video based around lego characters, and or Pokemon (we’re not sure). He loves drawing so he’s planning to create the story with storyboards and all. We were inspired by the following stop motion video 8-bit Trip by the very talented Swedish music duo Rymdreglage. It took them close to 1500 hours to produce. The music is great too.

Mellow Yellow

Some people just have a knack for seeing how things go together. It’s a skill I wish I had – or at least had more confidence to try. This piece created by Swedish  ‘Forever is Today’ blogger and store owner Hilda Grahnat, shows how groovy vintage pieces can be arranged by colour. There are many more colour arrangements to look at and be inspired by. I love the yellow – so bright and cheerful.

Art in Small Places

UK artist, Lucy May Schofield is “Inspired by an unrelenting desire to make, coupled with a passion for the written word, I make objects to house stories which may otherwise go untold.”  This stunning dolls house piece was created as a site-specific window installation for ‘Couverture’, Notting Hill, London. August 2008.

She also makes a range of unique books, like the above collection of children’s handwritten envelopes salvaged from the Santa Claus Central post office in Lapland are intricately sewn together to create a book documenting the dreams of children worldwide.

Loving this…

Loving these Vibe Retro Dots Wall Stickers. I am pretty sure we had a dinner setting like this when I was a kid.

Uppercase – a new find

I just discovered this darling magazine called UPPERCASE, a visually stunning magazine published by the Canadian Uppercase Gallery. I am so smitten. It launched back in Spring (Australian Autumn) 2009.

UPPERCASE magazine, issue 5 from UPPERCASE gallery on Vimeo.

They’ve just released their 5th issue which retails for $18.00 canadian.  You can see a preview of this issue above.

Uppercase Gallery have also published Swedish artist Camilla Engman’s ‘The Suitcase Series Volume 1’. Just gorgeous.